Illegal working in the UK - report about Home Office approach

Inspector’s report assesses Home Office’s approach to illegal working in the UK

The inspection examined the efficiency and effectiveness of the Home Office’s approach to illegal working, specifically:

• the assessment of the illegal working threat

• the operational response, including the performance of Immigration Compliance and Enforcement teams

• the collection, analysis, assessment and use of intelligence

• the identification and safeguarding of potential victims of modern slavery and of other forms of exploitation

• the use of Civil Penalties and Closure Notices against non-compliant employers

• engagement by and joint working between Immigration Enforcement external partners and stakeholders

In his report, the inspector outlines some recommendations, including:

• to publish an updated (post-Windrush) strategy and action plan for tackling illegal working that clearly communicates where collaboration and contributions are required from others, what oversight arrangements are in place to ensure that policies and actions are fair and reasonable, and what safeguards exist to identify and protect vulnerable groups and individuals

• capture, analyse, and report the quantitative and qualitative data and information that enables the Home Office to demonstrate the effectiveness and appropriateness of the overall strategy for tackling illegal working and particular initiatives, operations and actions

Source: An inspection of the Home Office’s approach to Illegal Working

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