NAO report examines the Home Office’s role in the Windrush scandal

The Home Office inadequately prioritised the protection of the Windrush generation, who suffered distress and damage through unjust penalties, and the government owed a duty of care to those affected by its immigration policy, according to a report published by the National Audit Office. The report aims to increase transparency on the scandal and to determine whether issues with the Home Office’s information management and management of immigration casework contributed to the problem.

The report looks into:

• the scale and impact of the problem of individuals from the Windrush generation potentially being denied access to services or detained or removed from the UK

• whether the Home Office considered the potential for new legislation and policy to have a adverse effects on the Windrush generation and others

• whether the Home Office’s systems, guidance and processes led to negative outcomes, which include wrongful detention and removal

• whether the quality of the Home Office’s information contributed to people being wrongfully detained, removed or denied access to services

• whether the Home Office had a sufficient feedback system to identify adverse or unintended consequences and responded properly to feedback

• how the Home Office is currently supporting those affected by the scandal

Source: Report: Handling of the Windrush situation

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