UK Permanent Residence Card for EU Nationals

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If you reside outside the EEA and you are a relative of an EEA national in the UK, you may apply for a Residence Card. You don’t have to apply for it; however, it will allow you to enter the UK easier and quicker or show potential employers that you may work in the UK.

You would need to fulfil the following requirements:

  • Live outside the EEA
  • You are a relative (spouse, partner, child, partner’s child, dependent parents or grandparent) of an EEA national who is a permanent resident or a qualified person in the UK (employee, self-employed, self-sufficient, jobseeker). There are different requirements for degree of relationship for students.
  • You have been dependent on or part of the household of the EEA national or you require personal care due to a serious illness

You would need to submit various documents, such as a passport, pictures, ID and picture of the EEA national and proof of the relationship.

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