Tier 2 (General) visa

This visa is for you, if you have been offered a medium to highly skilled job in the UK.

Make sure, that you fulfil the following criteria:

  • You come from a country outside the EEA or Switzerland
  • You have obtained a certificate of sponsorship in the form of a reference number, valid for three months
  • You have appropriate income of at least £20,800 with a few exceptions
  • Your knowledge of English is adequate
  • You have appropriate funds to support yourself on your bank account for ninety days before you apply (with some exceptions)

You need to apply at least three months before you are to start the work – the date on your sponsorship certificate. You should receive the decision within three weeks.


You would need a valid passport and travel identification, tuberculosis test result (if you are coming from a certain country where the test is mandatory), bank statements showing funds and evidence of meeting the English language requirement.

Visa extension

You can extend your visa before it expires, however you need to include all family members you have brought to the UK with you, in the application.

If you still meet the visa eligibility criteria, you can extend your stay in the UK for up to five years, however your total stay cannot exceed six years.

If you wish to secure another job in the UK in a different field, you would need to obtain another Tier 2 General Visa.

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