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Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) visa

In this category, you must show that you:

  • Reside outside the EEA or Switzerland
  • Have been offered work by a UK owned business
  • You have obtained a certificate of sponsorship in the form of a reference number, valid for three months
  • You have appropriate income
  • You have appropriate funds to support yourself on your bank account for ninety days before you apply (with some exceptions)

You need to apply at least three months before you are to start the work – the date on your sponsorship certificate.

Appropriate income

If you are a member of long-term staff, you must earn at least £41,500 or the appropriate income for the role you have in the company.

If you are a member of short-term staff (including skills transfer and graduate trainees) you must earn at least £24,800 or the appropriate income for the role you have in the company.

Types of visa

There are four types of Tier 2 (Intra-company Transfer) Visa, namely:

  1. Long-term Staff if you are filling a role in the UK for a year or more
  2. Short-term Staff if you are filling a job role in the UK for a year or less
  3. Graduate trainee if you have a newly acquired degree or a higher qualification level and are on a graduate program in the UK
  4. Skills transfer if you are travelling to the UK either to earn experience, or to train workers


You would need a valid passport and travel identification, tuberculosis test result (if you are coming from a certain country where the test is mandatory), bank statements showing funds and evidence confirming that you have worked for the employer outside of the United Kingdom.

You also need to submit evidence of your job, such as pay slips and bank statements.

Visa extension

You can extend your visa before it expires, however you need to include all family members you have brought to the UK with you, in the application.

If you still meet the visa eligibility criteria, you can extend your stay in the UK for up to five years or the time stated on the certificate of sponsorship in addition to fourteen days.

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