Tier 5 (Youth Mobility Scheme) visa

When applying, make sure, that you fulfil the following criteria:

  • You would like to reside and live in the UK for up to twenty four months/2 years
  • You are between 18 and 30 years old inclusive
  • You have at least £1,890.00 in savings
  • You belong to specific countries, are an overseas British citizen, citizen of a British overseas territory, or a British national residing overseas
  • You are from Australia, Monaco, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Republic of Korea, Japan, and New Zealand
  • You only must have a sponsor if they belong to the Taiwan, Hong Kong, or the Republican of Korea

The following people cannot apply for this visa category:

  • Children who are financially dependent on you
  • Children who reside with you
  • If you have been in the former working holidaymaker group or under a United Kingdom plan before

You need to apply at least three months before you are to start the work. You should receive the decision within three weeks.

Applicants need a score of 50 points under the point-based system to be successful.


You would need a valid passport and travel identification, tuberculosis test result (if you are coming from a certain country where the test is mandatory) and bank statements showing funds. You also need to settle a healthcare surcharge.

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