UK Innovator Visa (Invest £50,000 in a UK Business)

You can apply for this category of visa if you have a minimum investment of £50,000.00.

This visa is for more experienced business people, who have obtained an endorsement and have an innovative and viable business idea. With this visa, you cannot take any other employment – you must be solely focused on promoting and developing your business.

If successful, your visa would be valid for 3 years and you can bring your family members with you to the UK. After 3 years, you can apply to extend your visa for another 3 years or to settle in the UK.

In your application you must show, that you have sufficient funds on your account. You also need to show that you know English language at a certain level (with some exceptions).

There is also a lengthy list of requirements, such as number of customers, minimum annual gross revenue, number of workers etc.

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